Business Opportunities

Lesley Wardrobe has an uncompromising standard towards quality fashion and unique styles! Lesley Wardrobe is well- known for its wide range of premium quality and designs. As one of the fastest growing registered online boutiques in Malaysia, Lesley Wardrobe would love participate in contributing to any ideal business opportunities!

Lesley and the team are enthusiastic about entrepreneurship and its growing community. If you have a creative proposal on advertising, marketing and sponsorships, drop us a hint and we’ll get back to you!

Lesley invites believes in the magic of collaboration instead of competition! With the unlimited potential in online fashion industry, Lesley Wardrobe is ready to work with more parties on business opportunities such as:-

  • Procurement services / Supply chain negotiation
  • Curation of exclusive fashion Collections on a collaborative, creative basis
  • Fashion event sponsorships
  • Advertorial & Collection feature

Lesley truly believes that fashion spreads through love and creativity! If you have a thought or two on how we can work together, drop us your love at We might just make a better future for all all fashion lovers out there!